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I'll explain and I'll use small words...

Hey everyone!

I've spent a whopping two-three days working on layouts for the site and creating the many sub-pages that the links did not "work for" before. All in all, I'm in a horrifically chipper mood (suprising when you consider that I've gotten the bare minimum of sleep during the past 48 hours). The layout "taste of mint" actually looks really awesome and I really urge you guys to check it out. Currently checking the side-bar to make sure all the links work properly. Of course, the author profile did not... eh. I can always fix that sucker later. As it is? I'm too bloody cheerful to worry about it right now.

A little tip: If you see my "away" message up for flurfffy while I'm "updating" pages -- I might have AIM online. IF that is the case, then the username ffflurfluent will show up. I really dislike the way that AOL slows down my web-work so I generally ignore the main browser while I'm online. H-mm. The text wrapping on the Character pages loaded rather funny, I'll have to tweak that later. Must not have set the preferences to that correctly when I first threw the pages together. Luckily I can do that right on the web, because I'm currently using another site to supplement my keenspot one. Aside from minor mishaps, everything seems to have uploaded nicely.

Joined the keenspace forum (username: ffflurfluent) too! While I'm at it, I'm currently surfing idly through the drop-down list and trying to come up with the "choice" drop-downs that would be most satisfactory to join. I don't know about you, but I believe in quality over quantity. I also say this much, I'm gradually getting better at HTML coding and the similar things. It's becoming almost ingrained, which is a mite crazy after a fashion. Oh well.

Problem areas to fix/work on:

+ Fix "Linkage" -- background isn't working, nor are some of the links. (sigh)

+ "Goodies" isn't showing up at all.

+ Add "about me" link to side-bar

+ Put Kira sketches onto pages so that they can be viewed individually

I think that is all. If anyone finds anything else wrong, tell me and I'll try to work it out :)


K. A. Kasch
Supremely motivated this morning!

P. S. Drew a small doodle of Kira glomping onto Bart. I'll post it once I've redrawn it, Bart's face is grossly misproportioned.
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