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Yay! The splash page is up!

Hey guys,

Well, at least the first page is finally up! Aren't you proud of me? A friend of mine recently viewed the site and complained about the layout. Something to the effect that: "It did not fit the overall feel of the comic -- what I was trying to portray" Eh. Well, sadly there is not too much I can do about that. As it is? I have next to no HTML skills and thus, this was the best that I could pull off. So, until the day that I am able to come up with something better -- OR someone is kind enough to do the HTML/page layout FOR me, this is the way it is going to stay.

Another note: Yes. The links in the frames DONT work yet. Sorry - I'm still working on the pages for them.

Heh. I almost feel stupid posting here, because no one has joined just yet. Ah well. It makes me feel productive, even if I'm really only talking to myself. Another thing: I do believe I am going to post the script for Skritek on FF.Net. I'll post a link here IF I do so. :)

Harried. Hurried. Uninspired.
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