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New beginnings

Hey all

As previously mentioned in my Live Journal I caved in and made a rather hastily put together community for my webcomic. Which, by the way, is not up yet. I am working on that part though! Have patience with me please! I realize that I am the laziest and most unworthy artist on the face of the planet! Sorry! I swear I will make it up to you. Somehow.

Although, I must say (in my defense) that I did do a bit of "script writing" for the story - which I might be tempted to post online! Also managed to put together a splash page too as an intro. I don't know how I feel about it, so I might have to re-work the image before showing it. Anyhoo! Thought I would at least get this much done before I vanished for a few days on that bible retreat.

K. A. Kasch
"The laziest web-comic artist alive."
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